Rhinoplasty, which is commonly referred to as a nose job, is a procedure that is used to reshape and resize the nose. It is suitable for people who don’t like the size of their nose but it can also be done as a medical necessity to correct a deviated septum. If you have had doubts about your nose you may be wondering whether a rhinoplasty is right for you. As a matter of fact, so long as you choose the correct plastic surgeon there is no reason why you cannot reshape your nose to look just as you want.

The best plastic surgeon is one who has experience with nose jobs and who has a proven track record. Make sure to see results of work that they have done before – good surgeons have a portfolio of before and after photos but if you can meet up with one of their previous patients to find out what their procedure was like it is even more reassuring.

It is very important that you discuss your procedure with your plastic surgeon in advance so that you can know what to expect. Find out what you should and should not do before and after the procedure. Find out how long it will take to heal – it all depends on the extent of the work that you are having done. Most importantly, you should let your surgeon know exactly what you want your new nose to look at – again, the before and after photos will come in very handy here.
Many people will tell you that it is vain to get your nose reshaped or resized. This is not at all true and it should not discourage you from having your procedure done. A lot of your self-esteem is driven by how you look. If you are not confident about your nose you may feel too shy to socialize, you may have a problem finding employment because you are too shy to do well in interviews and so on. You should have a rhinoplasty done because it will give you back your self-confidence.

In case you are wondering what happens during the procedure, the surgeon will work with an anesthesiologist top put you under after which he will make a small incision so as to remove bone and cartilage and shape the nose as desired. You will experience a little pain and discomfort afterwards but your surgeon will give you painkillers for this.

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